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Little Miracles Childcare

The Value of Play

Play is learning for life. Almost everything that children learn during their first six years is learned through play, and they work very hard at it! From the time they are born, without anyone telling them how, children stretch, pull, push and move from place to place. Play develops children’s skills, teaches them to relate to their peers, and develops their own personalities. Children have a profound need to play, climb, run, use their imagination, test themselves and challenge others, and above all to enjoy themselves. We are here to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for them to grow through play.


Things To Love About Little Miracles



Little Miracles is committed to providing your child with quality care by encouraging each child to express themselves through language, art, music and physical activity. 



Every child/family that comes through our doors will be treated with love and respect,
so that when they leave, they will be able to pass on the love and respect to others that they were shown.



We sing songs about Jesus, read Bible stories, discuss the real meaning of Easter and Christmas, teach “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and say our Prayers before each meal time.


Your little ones are in great hands!

Take it from our Parents!